Old Animated Movie

I used to watch an old animated movie when I was young. The animation was terrible, kind of resembling hoodwinked, and revolved around a school in the forest. All the characters were animals, and specifically remember a (crazy) squirrel and an owl. As for the plot, something was stolen in the school and the main characters go and interrogate other animals as they try to find out who did it. I also remember the squirrel using a magnifying glass periodically throughout the movie and even trying to question an acorn. Ive been trying to figure it out for years now and I cant find the VH/dvd of it that I owned.

was it live action and animated? you are sure it was a school? any other characters you remember?

i have found a couple animated features with squirrels as detectives, but none with a school

was it in english? the school part seems to not be coming up for my searches so far …

Squirrel detective + Owl, plus bad animation led me to this:

but it’s recent. Here’s the trailer: The Golden Beehive - Trailer eng sub on Vimeo

Assuming this isn’t it, is it this type of animation at least, or something completely different, like the flash-type 2D animation of the early 2000s?