Old animated video, probably from 80's or so, 99% sure it wasn't a dream but not 100%, been driving me crazy for 10+ years

Hello people of FilmFind and I really hope someone out there can help. About every year and a half or so I randomly remember on old video I think I saw when I was younger. I only have the most vague of memories. I know it isn’t much to go on but I hope someone can either tell me what it is if it was real, or let me know if I made it up. Whenever I remember this I spend the next week scouring the internet searching but haven’t found anything about it. All I remember is…

  1. It would have been animated. I want to say it was similar to animation in around the 80’s or so so nothing too modern.
  2. I only remember the characters being human. If there were any non-human characters I don’t remember them.
  3. I think it might have been one of or similar to those direct to VHS morality videos made to teach children life lessons.
  4. I think it was a few kids being led along by an adult figure to teach them said life lessons.
  5. The only scene I remember took place in a snowy village and the characters were carrying Ice cream I think. Then the local delinquent was using a slingshot to shoot rocks at them to make them drop the ice cream. If I remember correctly he did it because he wanted the ice cream but for whatever reason couldn’t get it and decided if he couldn’t have it then no one could but then I think later he learned that it was going to be given to him and realized that his jealousy was what ultimately screwed him out of it.
  6. I think said delinquent may have joined up with the main cast, at least for a little bit.

Like I said, I don’t 100% know for sure if this is a real thing that exists or if I just made it up but if it rings any bells please let me know. Like I said this has been haunting me for a large portion of my life.