Old animation film including a painter that whatever he paints come to life

For the past years I am searching for a cartoon that I watched when I was a kid and I cannot find which one it is. The movie should an directed before 2000 and features from what I remember a painter that along with his friend that plays music, draws things that come to life. For example I remember that they draw a house and enter inside a live there. Also there is the main villain that has a spy that move in the shadows and try to capture the main characters. At the end of the movie the trick the villain into falling into a giant bag of coins that they draw and comes to life. I also remember some small creatures that combined together can create structures like a bridge. Iam desperate to find this movie :confused:

i guess that it’s not the film “cool world” ?

Thanks a lot for the try. Unfortunately it’s not the cool world. Neither the drawing style of Bill Plympton. The film (it might be actually a short film) I am stack with, I remember it has only cartoon characters, not real humans and the style is more close to the one by the movie Le Roi et l’Oiseau. I have the perception that might be an old soviet or french movie. But I might be wrong. Fore more details, I remember also that the villain is a king and at some point puts the main characters into jail that he forces the painter to paint, but they manage to escape and then they trap him at the end of the movie in a big pouch of coins. If it might help I think the small creatures I was talking about they were somehow fire-fighters. I just hope this movie is real and I don’t imagine it :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks a lot anyway. If you want to try again please do, I really want to find this movie. Cheers!

If it’s not a full length movie, perhaps this:

Thanks a lot! I have never seen this animation before. Its very similar to what I remember from the other cartoon but it’s not this one. For sure it was not located in China. I will check the youtube channel you sent. :slight_smile: