Old black and white movie. I think a man schemes to pass a poor woman off as the daughter of a rich family who’s daughter went missing

This movie could be 40’s or 50’s I believe. I remember a lot of details but can never find anything in my searches. I remember a man wanting to pass off a woman (a waitress maybe?) as a lost socialite that a rich family has been trying to find for years. When he presents her to the family, they have a test they created to weed out fakes. They put her in a child’s room full of toys and tell her to find their child’s favorite (a doll I believe). The woman looks around for a bit becoming distressed because she doesn’t know which one it is, then suddenly starts touching them all frantically until she finally lands in one and chooses it. They tell her she was correct and it’ll believe she is their daughter, but really she was feeling for which doll wasn’t warm from sunlight. She knew that they would not leave the favorite toy in the room with the others. She continues pretending for some time, and eventually the man to presented her falls in love I think? But she rejects him when he tries to get close to her. I don’t remember how the movie ends


Is it original version of Anastasia?

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