Old japanese comedy (?) movie I can't find

Hello everyone.
So, one time I’ve seen a scene of an old Asian (most likely) Japanese movie somewhere on the web and wanted to save the name of the movie, but got distracted and missed that. By the overall looks of the movie it looks like it is from 1970-1980s.
I remember that scene starting with a guy in a blue-ish overall having a staredown with an older guy looking like a yakuza member in a suit. After some time and rising tension of the staredown, the scene unexpectedly changes to the guy in the blue overall wiping a car standing near them. After that, the car and the yakuza-looking older guy vanish (just, like, vanish in the air).
The scene looked like one from an odd comedy criminal movie.
Another thing I remember is there was a guy in the comments who mentioned the name of the director (which I obviously don’t remember either), and wrote that it’s the director’s odd amusing style and he has more movies with similar humor.