Old man tried to reunite with his children

I remember watching this movie on TV at least 15 years ago, can’t remember any of the actors but i remember bits and pieces of the movie.
The movie is centered around an old man (not relevant but I remember he was wearing thick glasses) visiting a country or a city to see his children he has not seen in years. I can’t remember too much but the old man tries to reunite all his children but most of them does not show up. Near the end of the movie old man suffers heart attack? and when he wakes up in hospital bed all his children are there si he finally sees all of them ln the same room.

Also I remember a piece of the movie; someone tries to rob the old man, he gives his wallet but asks not the touch his photo camera, the robber breaks the camera and old man gets angry and slaps the robber. Someone sees this and thinks the old man is guilty.

I only remember these things sadly :frowning:

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From Wiki:
Abner Meecham, an aging Tennessee farmer discarded at a nursing facility by his lawyer son Paul, flees the old folks home and catches a ride back to his country farm to live out his days in peace. Upon his return, he discovers that Paul has leased the farm to an old enemy and his family. Not one to suffer fools or go down easy, Abner moves into the old tenant shack on the property and declares that he will not leave until the farm is returned to his possession. But Lonzo Choat, the new tenant, has no intention to move out or give in to the demands of the old man.

Abner catches Lonzo beating his daughter with a garden hose after she was caught returning from dating a forbidden boy, and Abner scares Lonzo off by shooting a pistol in Lonzo’s direction. The next day Abner has Lonzo picked up by the police, and Lonzo’s wife Ludie is upset that she has to pay for bail, which they cannot afford. When the Choats come back from town, Lonzo is visibly upset, and kills Abner’s dog Nipper and hangs him from the porch of the tenant shack. Abner disappears for two days, and the Choats suspect he has finally given up. Instead, he returns with Nipper’s stuffed corpse, and sets him on the front porch and tells it to stand guard. Abner and Lonzo get into an arguing match in which Lonzo threatens to burn the shack down with Abner inside. The argument culminates with Abner pointing a pistol at Lonzo, but Lonzo easily disarms Abner. The police are summoned the next day, and Abner is forced to move out, partially by Paul, who believes he has lost his mind. Abner admits defeat and says he’ll move out by the next morning. Instead he tells his neighbor that Lonzo has threatened to kill him by burning the shack. Abner, haunted by recurring dreams of his long-dead wife, then sets the shack ablaze, but stumbles while trying to exit, and he is rescued by Lonzo.

When Abner awakes, he is in the hospital with Paul by his side. He accepts that he will move into a retirement community, but insists that he will plant corn in his small garden there, instead of tomatoes as his son suggested. In the final scene Abner visits his house one more time; the house has been vacated by the Choats.

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