Old movie about children stranded somewhere after an air balloon left off

Hi, I am looking for an old (children?) movie I once saw when I was a little bit too young to watch it :slight_smile: .
I remember the children (or teenagers) in the movie enter the basket of a hot air balloon that suddenly lifts off, leaving their frightened parents behind. After a while they land/crash somewhere in a jungle or a deserted island. They go on a journey and meet all kinds of scary things. I’m not sure if there were people, but I do remember giant spiders. I think the movie ends with them being saved or being able to lift off again with their balloon.
I was 10 years old in 1995. I’ve seen the movie on television or VHS, so it can be older than that.

pirates island?

pippi longstocking hand some hot air balloon adventures

Thank you! I think it is indeed Pirates Island!
I stumbled on the movie when doing my research before posting here, but I didn’t believe it at first. Strange that I do remember spiders but don’t recall any pirates.
But after your reply, I started looking for a trailer. I didn’t find anything, but I did find a dodgy summary focusing only on the 18 yo main character. And I recognize the balloon and… the spider web. Thanks again!

glad that is it. it seems the movie is classified as “lost media” as people have been looking for the original dub for years and though a company hold the rights they want an exorbenant amount for it sadly. a couple russian/polish dubs exist people found