Old Movie - Please help! - My Mom recently passed and she told us about an old movie she loved but could NOT remember name. We need to know what it is! (Read details... )

So my mom passed recently and was telling us a plot of an old movie she loved, but she was tired and couldn’t remember the name. We need to know what it is. Does anyone know - Here is what she told us about it. PLOT – A woman was plain and homely looking. Her father told her she’d never get a man or never marry. But she did meet a man and he told her to meet him later somewhere and they’d run away and get married. She was so excited and head over heels. BUT he did NOT show up! She was devastated and crushed! Years later, he showed back up in her life (fell on hard times) and told her he really did want to be with her. She did the same thing to him and told him to meet her later and they could be together. But then SHE didn’t show up… just like he did to her. ----- That is all we know. Can someone help? It’s an older movie, but not sure what year or what actors?? thanks