Old Movie with Insects that Kill

This movie was either in black and white or the colours were very minimal/it was mostly night time. Definitely nothing recent, pre-2000 but possibly much older. All I remember is that it had an old lady who’s house was infested with all kinds of bugs - cockroaches, flies. And she put up these bug traps, like sticky tape from the ceiling to catch flies. And then the bugs rebelled and killed her. I dont think this was a long movie, could be a short or from a tv show. I saw it when I was a child living in Poland so it could be of Slavic origin. I dont remember any dialogue. I can’t find this movie anywhere.

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It seminds me of “They’re Creeping Up on You!” segment of the anthology film “Creepshow” from 1982, but it features the male lead character.

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Another idea, this episode: Circle Of Fear - Death’s Head