Old old Kung-Fu flick

Been looking for this film for a decade now… saw it on vhs in the eighties…

There´s this fight scene on a beach, where the evildoer finally rips out the heart of his opponent.

Also remember there´s this japanese martial artist arriving to help the bad guys.

This scene could be from the same movie, not sure though; one guy wanders in the forest, leaves starts blowing in the wind, all of a sudden enemys rise from underneath the leaves and attacks him.

could “the ultimate ninja” have the ninjas in leaves part?

Not everything matches, but could it be One Armed Boxer aka The Chinese Professionals? A Japanese fighter arrives to help the bad guys, he, I believe, rips either the heart or the throat out of an opponent, and the hero also loses an arm – spoiler! --(though this scene doesn’t take place on the beach), and the final confrontation takes place in a sandy area, but I dont remember the beach here either – i think it’s a rock quarry.


I don’t think there’s any scene of enemies rising up from beneath leaves – though there’s a scene like that in one of the line Wolf and movies, except it happens in the desert, I think.