Old, Really Disturbing Gore Movie

So I used to look up really messed up and disturbing movies ( maybe banned in some countries as well ) for the overall shocking factor. This movie was from one of those lists.

It was really old but it had really washed out bright colors. It’s a symbolic movie so not much talking is happening. In the beginning, the main character is in a crowded space and talks with some shady person to set on a quest.

I don’t remember what happens on the way but it was really gore-heavy so there were a lot of killings and guts spilling. One thing I remember is that the thing they were looking for is in the middle of nowhere and they go there. It’s a green field. There is an oval table. There are again shady figures. They talk about some weird stuff ( like I said it’s a symbolic movie so some commentary on something I don’t remember well ) and kill each other and the movie ends.

Any ideas about it? The details are not much clear in my head so if you have even something slightly similar I can check.

The Holy Mountain (1973)? Has some of those aspects.

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The fact that you have found this despite all of my weird explanations and fuzzy memory is truly amazing. Thank you so much.

For the future viewers of this thread. The ending is not like what I remember in the original post.

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