Old thriller movie

Hi. I’m having a bad time trying to find a movie , but I remember only some details about it … so here we go.

There are some sueprevolved human looking cyborgs I don’t remember if they where created from 0 or they were humans. They have speed evolved , look evolved and everything evolved
And this cyborgs kill some people in forest , I think the people were a specialy destinated group to kill that cyborgs.
And at the end of the movie a super gigantic robot appears and I think is killed by some missiles.

That’s all I remember , please help

Let’s start the discussion with Terminator Salvation (cyborgs, gigantic robot destroyed with missiles):

Unfortunately not … the movie that I’m telling you it’s not so hard…

Might be Kill Command?

So. Updates . I think they are not CYBORGS but artificially upgrade humans , programed to kill or something like that , so they look like humans , maybe is only one I can’t really remember that .

But what I know is that they assassinate this group of people in the forest one by one letting only one alive that kill this programed humans and finally killing the “final boss” the gigantic robot.

It could be "I, Robot " (2004).