Old vampire movie where the vampire virus was spread through infected cupcakes/muffins

Hey everyone!

I saw this movie on TV about 10-15 years ago, but I only got to watch the last part of the movie, so I have limited memories of it:

  • I remember there was this part where they wanted to have more vampires for whatever reason, and so they infected trays of cupcakes/muffins and had people eat them, thus becoming vampires.
  • I remember that towards the end, the main character was walking up to a mansion, where the vampire villain was staying, and there was a party with loads of other vampires, they were all quite promiscuous and making out, or just hanging out/ partying on the stairs that lead up to the front door of the mansion.
  • The movie could be from anywhere between late 80s’ to early 2000s. It seemed like an old movie, but it had some cheap effects and camera angles that are specific to late 90s/early 2000s.
  • I had this movie locked down in my mind as being Japanese/ having Japanese or Asian characters (I’m from Eastern Europe, so growing up, besides Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee movies, we didn’t see much of this).
  • I don’t think the main plot was about cupcakes/muffins, so this is likely something that has happened towards the middle/end part of the movie.

Any help in finding this movie would be greatly appreciated.