Older(around 2010) korean movie about a girl and guy

I once watched a Korean movie 10-15 years ago. A father and his son(around 10-12 yrs old) comes to a female relative who has a little girl(younger than the boy). The girl has a grandma as well if I remember. The girl is a bit sick and sensitive. She likes the boy and always tries to be with him. Boy also attends the school which the girl goes. But boy always tries to avoid being with her. Boy’s mother died years ago. The girl likes to collect sea shells and some collections at home. The father runs away to the city to find better life. I can’t exactly remember what happens later. They will lose each other when they went to city. Years later guy becomes rich and finds the girl. Very sad in the beginning. Please, help.

Hi, could it be “Oasis” (2002) by Lee Chang-dong?

If not then maybe try:
“A Moment to Remember” (2004)
“My Sassy Girl” (2001)
“April Snow” (2005)

Found it!

“Spring Waltz” (2006)