Older Question from the old board


this morning, I have seen an old movie about a sea battle, and it reminds me of an older question. This question was a long time on the top of the older board and has disappeared when the hint to the new board has changed with it. It’s about the divers who try to drill holes in the Boats of the enemy. Anyone here who remembers this question? I think a have the answer.


Thank you for your help. I see, he has already solved by himself. ;o)

What was the title of that movie?

“The Giant of Marathon” 1959 The Giant of Marathon (1959) - IMDb

YouTube: The Giant of Marathon (1959) [Action] [Adventure] [Drama] - YouTube

The Battle from 1:07:40

Thank you very much, buddy!

Just a quick reminder. No need to try and find old questions through archive.org. The old site is still fully live at old.filmfind.me. Here’s the question:

(I’ll add a more prominent link to old questions to make it easier)

I was searching the archive, but I had the completely wrong keywords. :wink: Rome, Greek, drilling, diver, history and so on.

By the way, a good example for what’s happens if searching google with the wrong keywords.