On Deadly Ground ripoff?


This movie may well be On Deadly Ground by and with Steven Seagal. Yet I have watched some scenes of it and they aren’t exactly like what I remember. So maybe my memories of it have decayed but I want to leave no room for errors, there maybe exists a cheap ripoff of this movie.

Anyway, I watched it on TV, it was when I was in primary school, so up to 2008.

It’s an action movie about a tough main character who gets betrayed by an oil rig tycoon and his goons, the MC may be was their employee or something but he didn’t like their corrupt ways so they tried to get rid of him. Except they kidnap his girlfriend, I think she was, and so he comes back at the end with guns on the oil rig. And this is the scene I remember distincly, the enemies have guns too but the guy on speakers says to his guys to NOT FIRE otherwise everyone blows up, so the lead character is standing in a hallway with his machine gun and there’s a guy creeping up behind him, trying to knock him out with a pipe or iron bar, except our main character is so badass, he doesn’t care about blowing everything up so he shoots the guy behind him anyway.

This last scene does happen in On Deadly Ground though the shots seem different. The MC I remember is shirtless, muscular and the scene seemed to happen mostly in the dark on an outside catwalk whereas Seagal’s scene takes place in a confined and lit room.

Again, I may be remembering wrong and it’s On Deadly Ground , but I do know a few B movies from the 90’s and 2000’s that blatantly ripped off scenes and plot elements from more successful action/sci-fi movies so I wouldn’t be surprised they did the same thing with On Deadly Ground.

Checking On Deadly Ground again, I missed that the movie ends with the main character making a speech about the corruption of gasoline tycoons and how gasoline is a top source of pollution. That part I remember was in my memories so it must be it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I have not seen this one, but maybe “Combustion” (2004)?: