People walk on street discussing american politics

I need help to remember name of a movie where people walk around discussing american politics.

The movie is from 80s or early 90s. The people are from small town america. There are long monologues where people express their frustration about politics.

The scenes shift from one group of people to another. Most scenes are outdoor and on streets.

This is not a documentary.

Thank you in advance


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Hey, that’s the one. Thanks a lot

Hey, fellow indie lovers! Do either of you recognize this: Indie vibe drama series – HBO or Netflix – set in the outskirts of LA. Social realism, people over plot type of series. Hispanic kid commits a crime to help someone out. Same guy wrote the story and directed it. Searching for the title or leads that can help me find it. I probably watched it on HBO 2-3 years ago, possibly Netflix or Prime. Best, Isabella

you might create a separate post for this so more people can help you and see it. :slight_smile: