Petrification conspiracy film

Hello! First time goer here! I hope this follows things as they should.

This is a film from my childhood that I only vaguely remember seeing but I have never once encountered again. Honestly I am starting to question if it is real or if I imagined or dreamed it. Anyway, what little I do remember.

I think it is a 90s film, it had crude effects and such but what I remember is that people are petrified by these machines or cameras that have a specific red light that is causing the petrification. It starts with it happening “randomly” before being more targeted. I remember one scene where a politician, I think?, is holding a speech and one of these camera/light things are on him and as the radiation (or whatever) is taking its effect he gets hotter and hotter until he starts petrifying and falls over breaking apart as he is petrified before he hits the ground.

It was a conspiracy as I recall to get rid of people and things in a clean way, or something similar as I recall.

I am sorry if this is vague but that is all I remember from it. I hope you can help me and if not, I appreciate the time you all took! Thank you for any help and attempt :slight_smile:

Fatal Error (1999)

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OMg it is the one! Thank you so much! I have been on the hunt for so long!

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