Pirate movie

Film is about the Pirate who came into the future that was a ghost that showed the children to prove that he is a ghost his own decapitation with a knife. Then he puts his head on the barrel. Kids film. A little horror movie for children. It is even less information than the first now. (((((

Thank you in advance.

The second movie, maybe one of these?:

There is a movie called Blackbeards Ghost from '68, could possibly be that?

@casspir No. It is an old film like the first one you told. (Pirates of the Plain) but not the one. (I am still going to watch it))) The key to the film was that the Pirate was a ghost. Still thank you for ideas =))))

@Jamesanthony No. It was a children’s horror movie. And the pirate was a ghost. Here it is the pirate in flesh himself. But still thank you for a guess. I appreciate it. =)))


Could you please make two questions out of one? In this case, it’s good to leave the Pirate in here and put the wizard in a new one.

Otherwise the overview is lost.

Thank you
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@Kickbobby Hi. Okay. I will make two separate questions. Thank you for your advice. :smiley:

Best Regards Dmitrii.

@Kickbobby But it seems that I cannot edit the original post at all. ((((

Hi! @casspir @Jamesanthony Thank you all for the help, but I have finally found Pirate film myself :smiley:
It is a French film from 1993. ))))) I will make a separate topic for the other film.

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