Please help me find a horror movie

I want the names of two horror movies that I remember scenes from

The first film: There are many people in a ceremony or celebration like a wedding party, and after the good times, people like zombies are gradually found.
After that, people are gradually killed by zombies, and in the meantime, the main characters, who are a husband and wife who are separated, try to get together and save their lives.
Next, the woman’s hand is bitten by zombies and the woman becomes infected, the woman’s hand is cut off to prevent the spread of infection.
In the end, the security forces came in an attempt to save the survivors. The woman was completely infected and when she kissed her husband, the contamination was transferred to her husband and both of them turned into zombies in front of the security forces.

The second film: This is an older film. Two police forces are attacked by a creature one night. The creature turns into one of the two cops and goes home where his wife is waiting for him.
They sleep together and in the morning the man goes to the bathroom and the woman goes to him and sees that his wife is a scary creature.
They get stuck together and the woman plunges the kitchen knife into the creature’s head, but the creature removes it unharmed.
After that, the creature stops in front of a truck and the driver kills it. I don’t remember exactly. It cuts off the driver’s head, or in this scene, the creature’s hand is cut off, and live worms appear from the cut off place.And that in an existing scene, he runs into policemen and shoots a policeman with a shotgun

I hope someone knows the names of these movies :slight_smile:

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Rec 3: Genesis