Please help me find a shaolin/kung-fu movie!

80-90’s shaolin/kung-fu film
Young shaolin students train in a school or temple. Wearing blue clothes. Their teacher wearing white one-shoulder dress.
One day some shaolins sneak out the scool with a girl and escape to the city where eating lemon chicken (or other meat) and fighting with some enemies (If I remember correctly they fight with warriors of the Emperor) and some kids throw a melon on the enemies. One of the enemy using chain-mace.
Later on all shaolins fighting with enemies in a cave. The main enemy is a flying iron object (looks like a reverse cone) which shooting blades. The shaolins enclose the object and their teacher pulled the plug from the object. The object explodes.
The last scene when the shaolins cry in front of a their teacher’s grave.

is it in english originally? were there any hopping vampires?

Shao Lin san shi liu ban deng


This was!!! Many thanks for you Pori and the all community!

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