Please help me find movie

i’m looking for a movie. i can remember that it is about best friends, girl is married and boy is about to get married. girl has stepson and works in a company as a marketing associate. she will quit the job because conflict with influencer.she doesn’t like her best friend’s fiancé and is planing to ruin the wedding, she is secretly in love with him. i can also remember that she meets strange men and she will do some kind of the end she will attend the wedding with black dress and didn’t ruin it. I also remmeber in the begining that the girls neighbors are having party all night and she is not able to sleep. girls husband is a painter.i think movie is spanish.

how long ago did you see it? My Best Friend’s Wedding (spanish version) and several others have this basic premise…can you remember anything else?

do you remember where you saw it? was there nudity? it was a comedy? any chance not spanish?