Please help me find the name of a movie

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The movie is not very old for the last two or three years. The story of an old woman who was a former member of mi6 and secretly takes care of her granddaughter and daughter-in-law as a landlady on a small island. But they don’t know who he is. And one day his son steals his grandson

Lou (2022)?

She is not former MI6, but ex-CIA agent, but other than that the story is similar.
Quotes from the Wikipedia page of the movie:
" In 1986, on [Orcas Island](Orcas Island - Wikipedia) in Washington, Lou, a loner living with her dog Jax, goes to the village to buy some supplies."
Lou, her landlady, stops by on her way back home to say the rent is due the next day.”
“She explains to Hannah she is an ex-CIA field agent of 26 years.”
“The hitchhiker cuts power to Hannah’s home and while she is outside trying to restore power, he kidnaps Vee and flees with her on foot.”
“The camera shifts to show a woman’s arm with a similar scar that Lou had and a copper bracelet, as she watches her granddaughter and daughter-in-law through binoculars.”
Lou (2022 film) - Wikipedia