Please Help Me Find The Name of this Movie - 80s Sci-fi

I believe it is an 80s sci-fi movie. I remember watching it in 1988. The opening credits had a song playing, a big gravitron looking Machine that started spinning around very fast with electrical flashes. This machine transported to either another dimension or another world. The other world/dimension had people dressed in light colored clothing that had special abilities, including moving objects without touching them and healing. There were people that traveled to the other world/dimension to try to kidnap a girl. She had long straight brown hair. That girl managed to escape and wound up with a family in the regular world. I remember hearing either English or Australian accents. The girl with abilities made friends with the teenage daughter of the family she was hiding out with. The teenage daughter had blond short hair. I do not remember specific details of the entire movie but at the end I remember the bad guys finding them, the teenage daughter getting injured badly and the girl with abilities convinced the teenage girl’s parents to let her take her to her world/dimension to heal her.
I have been struggling to find this movie for years, ever since I was a child. I do not remember actors names.

It Might be the Girl from Tomorrow (1992)

Girl from Tomorrow

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