Please help me find this movie I'm looking for?

This movie is based in America and it’s about this young man who is turning 18 and his street name is Spider, his real name is David. David has a sick mother and David takes care of her. Him and his friends end up stealing money from a gangster and Spider gets hurt. A young woman (cant remember her name) finds Spider and brings him back into her home and takes care of his wounds and broken bones. They eventually fall in love. This girl has an uncle called Dee Dee and in the end part of this movie the gangster finds the girl, Spider and Dee Dee and the uncle gets shot (he survives though) and Spider protects the girl from the gangster.
I remember that the man playing the gangster is a well known actor but I can’t remember his face!!

Please has anyone else seen this movie too??

Sounds very much like “A New York Heartbeat”
with a young character Spider, involved with stolen money
and Eric Roberts plays the gangster, Casket Mike.

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