Please help me to find the movie!

Hey guys!
So I have been struggling to find this movie that I saw years ago! I really don’t remember much, here is what I remember: a man (or a guy) was put in jail, he has deep conversations with the police officer, I think this prisoner escapes (sneaks) from the custody and then comes back!! I remember a scene where the prisoner talks, maybe near a river or something like that, wearing a white undershirt!
What I think is that the prisoner was trying to cheat on the police officer, or maybe he was challenging the officer that he could escape and come back!!
I think the movie was produced around 2000-2010! Probably American movie (but could be British)!
Please help

“Law Abiding Citizen” (2009)?

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thanks for the help, but no it is not! the one I am talking about is kind of (quiet) movie!