Please help me to solve my childhood mystery!

When I was a child, I saw a movie that I have been following for a long time! The subject of the movie: It was a movie about an underground city that had no way to the surface. The people of the underground city had a hard time getting their food. The story of two friends (a girl and a boy) who try to solve the mystery of getting out of the underground city and come to the surface. The girl and boy succeed and tie the road map to a stone and throw it into the ground so that the rest of the city can solve the riddle.


Maybe this one?:
“Fuga dal paradiso” (1990), also known as “Flight from Paradise”

Here is a review on the IMDb page of the movie with some plot details:


“City of Ember” (2008)

Quote from the below Wikipedia page of the movie, this is how the movie ends, it fits your description:
“So before they explore, they drop a letter with information on how to get out, tied to a rock, into Ember, where it is found by Loris.”
An underground city, a boy (Doon) and a girl (Lina), they reach the surface.