PLEASE HELP! NO ONE CAN FIGURE THIS OUT! Old(ish) movie where a villain side kick kills another woman

A fantasy movie I watched as a kid that I can’t remember. There is a little boy (I think) and a nice fairy farm girl looking lady was held captive but then he freed her and they were trying to escape and then the main evil man found out they were trying to escape so the nice lady told the little boy to hide behind a big rock in the cave and don’t come out otherwise the villain would find him and then the villain told her she could t leave or something, they got into an argument and she slapped him across the face and he walked away (because he kidnapped her because he wanted her to love him or something) and then the evil lady sidekick stuck her claws into the nice ladies back and the nice lady fell to the floor and the evil lady then says “no one touches my master” and then the main man villain got pissed that she killed the nice lady so he hit her or something all while the little boy is hiding watching the whole thing and then he has like a mini funeral for the nice lady because he loved her. Ring any bells??

Please help I’ve never been able to find this movie again!

Was it The Fairy King?

I got you bro:

Warriors of Virtue