Please help. Trying to find the title of an asian horror movie. Impossible to find, very hard?

this is my last attempt in finding out what that movie was, the title of it. I can only descrbe the scene to you, and see if anything comes to your mind.

So, the movie is old, maybe older than 10 years, could be even from 15 years ago. It was revolving around the legend of some sort of demon witch in an abandoned village in a rural area. The actors were definitely asian, the skin lightly tanned though. The beginning scene was ridiculous. Basically a guy drives his car, accompanied by his girlfriend, in this abandoned places with the intention to check out if the legend was true. So the guy stops the car in the middle of this place, with run down and derelict houses, at night. And takes out an ampty glass and a small spoon. He says that this is the way to summon this demon witch ghost, whatever. So he proceeds to break an egg in the glass, and starts to mix the yolk with the spoon, while making the spoon clinking continuously on the glass as he mix it, producing this continuous click clack sound. As he mix the yolk in the glass at the same time he starts to yell out the name of the thing he’s starting to summon, calling out a name like this “Jamuneeee” or “yamuneee” , “amuneeeee”. I remember how it sounded but i have no idea if this was the actual words. So he keep on yelling, and then this demon ghost thing appears. It was like dressed with a long dirt white dress, a looooooong wig with fake black hairs (kind of like Sadako in the ring) and looooong, blatantly fake arms. This thing grabs the guy and pulls him in the air, as the girl screams in terror. Incredibly trashy.

So this is what i remember…does anyone of you know what this movie could possibly be ?