Pleaseee help me find this movie

So this is a movie about a girls fake cult, the whole movie they pretend to be some sort of witches, punishing the main character for raping women. In the end it appeared to be all fake, but main character didn’t find out.
So It begins with the guy going to countryside to his (I guess) parents old house or cottage or whatever. Then the guy meets two girls who invite him to their party. When he comes to theirs there are like a bunch of girls hanging out and later weird shit starts to happen - some mystical cult witchy stuff, I don’t exactly remember :frowning: then turns out that those were the girls doings, they tied him to the bed and tried to make him confess about raping women. Theeeeeeen he escapes and his sister turns up and drives him away in the car and the girls still chase them wearing these witchy spooky costumes. Then he manages to escape I don’t remember how and in the end they show us the scene of his sister talking to those girls. Turns out she herself asked them to freak him out somehow, because she wanted him to stop raping women.

Please help me I’ve been Googling for hours now!! Will be very grateful :heart:

Into the Dark - Season 1, Ep: 6 Treehouse