Pls help me find horror cult movie

I’m trying to find a movie, I’d really really appreciate some help since I absolutely loved it. It was a horror movie, not in English (at least not the whole movie I think), it starts off as a vlog type of filming. Some teenagers are in a van, drinking and then they start traveling but they crash in the woods cuz a deer appeared on the road. Suddenly they’re at a field with only one black house in there. It was a cult house. I remember the driver was injured so they had to leave him behind. They went in the house because someone might find them in the car and hid in the attic, where they found a girl who couldn’t speak cuz they cut her tongue off. it was. Some people w masks came and killed the driver from the car. These people were in a cult, I think one mask had no ears, the other no eyes and the other was mute? They cut off their ears I think, sometimes the eyes or tongues. There were sirens every time these people with masks went on a hunt. The characters started exploring the forest, finding a place full of abandoned cars. …
The plot twist was that everything was controlled by one of the characters in the initial group, he had some earphone in his ear and he was noticed talking to someone in a life or death situation. He was trying to make a snuff film with real murder which he’d upload in the dark web and at the end one of the characters - the girl busted him and his equipment and all the blood and the cult and masks were fake, but her friend’s deaths were real. and then she grabbed a gun out of one of the storage shacks and killed him. There was also a weird scene with some random mafia people on a table in the field too, there was a woman with a bunch of others who clapped and followed her commands. So its like a movie in a movie thing.

Sounds very much like