Pls Help - older woman with young boy, gigolo?

Hello, i need help.
I’ve been looking for this movie for a long time, I watched it as a kid, so that’s why it stuck in my memory, I guess why.
Like this, I watched the movie about 18-19 years ago, so it’s old, but it seemed like the movie was from that period, maybe a few years younger.
Some things are in the fog, but I have a few clues. I think that one boy’s mother died, or at least his father wanted it that way, I remember one scene where the father is kissing and having relations with another woman in the dark, while she is leaning against a fence or a wall with the corpses, while they are hiding. I think the word gigolo is also mentioned, that teenager or some other kid goes to some older woman who pays him for services I guess or teaches him how to be with a woman. That’s all I remember.
Thanks in advance.