Plz help me find the title of this 80's maybe early 90's horror movie

When I was kid a saw a scene from a movie which scared the crap out of me but im unable to find the movie where it came from.

So here is the scene how I remember it:

A woman (I believe she was wearing a labcoat but im not sure) is writing on a chalkboard.

Suddenly a man opens the door of the room and he starts shooting at her. I remember the woman falling down (or maybe ducking) in slowmotion and then she starts to change or transform into something of a monster. I specifically remember long spikes raising from her back or the back of her head.

The man starts to run away and the transformed woman runs after him at a very high speed. She chases him through hallways and I remember a low POV (low angle camera chasing the man). I think at this point another woman was also running along with the man.

They manage to jump out of an emergency door or maybe even window and the man turns around and fires (I remember a lasergun) at gastanks against the outer wall of the building blowing them up.

Thats all I saw and remember. I know it’s pretty vague but I only saw it once and I this was over 30 years ago. The movie itself is maybe from the late 80’s or very early 90’s. It’s not Species (1995) or There is Something Out There (1988).

Tnx a bunch!

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I have not seen this one, so this is just a guess, maybe?:
“Dead Space” (1991)

Early 90’s, sci-fi horror, lab, scientists, people turning into monsters.


Another guess, maybe?:
“Forbidden World” (1982)

Sci-fi horror, lab, scientists, creature, chase scene, laser gun, explosion.