Plz help me find this movie

It’s an old horror movie.
There was a beautiful woman(A) and she meets another very beautiful woman(B), who suggests A to care more about her face.
A frequently visits B’s house (or maybe they both live together… can’t remember it correctly…) and figures out that people working at B’s house are all wearing white masks.
It turns out that B is a witch or something so she steals others’ faces and makes a book, so whenever she wants to change her face to another, she picks a face from the book.
A also gets her face stolen, so her eyes, nose, mouth, and everything disappears from her face and only the skin is left. She starts to wear a white mask, just like everyone else working at B’s house.

I can’t remember the ending, but I remember A retrieving her face.

That’s an episode of “Are you afraid of the dark?”, season 7, episode 12: The tale of many faces:

You can watch it here:

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