Police officer avenging his murdered family

Probably a movie from the 80s or 90s.

The scene I remember is

The film begins with a scene where a hostage situation takes place in a certain building.
The protagonist, a police officer, is handed a shotgun by his colleague, climbs on top of a patrol car, and climbs up a ladder to solve a hostage situation.

The he and his son are looking at fishing gear, and the son accidentally drops them all on the ground. he says something to his son(God damn it), wife who saw it told not to say too much.
and then the whole family goes camping.
The next day, wife and son were on the boat first, and when they started the boat, it exploded.

While looking for the culprit in the boat bombing, he fight with a gangster in a certain town.
During a car chase, he kills a gangster with a machine gun displayed on a glass wall.
After that he go into the mountain
(I think the content from this point is similar to Rambo 1)

The town sheriff’s younger brother was killed by the main character and he’s pissed.
They even called in the National Guard to try to find the hiding in the mountains.

He sneaks into a National Guard camp in the middle of the night and steals ammunition and supplies.
They get discovered, engage in a fight, and then run away to mountain

At the end of the movie, the National Guard and the sheriff ascend surround the mountain,
It ends with a close-up of the main character firing a machine gun.
(The type of machine gun seems to be M60 or similar to MG34.)

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It is not a perfect match, but some aspects fit, maybe?:
“Silent Hunter” (1995)

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This is the correct one:
“Final Mission” (1984)

Cop, wife and son killed in boat explosion, mountains, sheriff, National Guard, machine gun, all is there in the movie.
You can watch the full movie (in French) on YouTube here, circa at the 0:08:28 mark starts the scene where the cop swaps his M16 for a pump-action shotgun, climbs on top of a patrol car and then climbs up a fire escape ladder to solve the hostage situation: