(Possible) Late 2010's movie about a man tracking down a woman in a smaller town

I watched this movie with my guardian sometime between 2017-2019 most likely via Redbox. I do not know if was released that time or if it was just added in rotation.

I remember a woman trying to escape from either current or ex partner. The partner was a man who was not-so-sutibly hinted as being an alcoholic and abusive. He was trying to track her down in a smaller set that seemed like either a small town or a suburb. I remember a playground set and maybe a diner set being used a decent amount.

Now here’s where I’m not sure if I’m conflating two different movies or not…I have this strong memory associated with this movie where about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way through the movie, a massive brown, fuzzy creature showed up. Looked kind of like Gumby in terms of build, at least 8-10’ tall easy. Showed up at the playground.

The theme was horror/thriller-esque, but I’m not confident enough in that statement to add that as a tag.

EDIT to keep more details at the top: Characters/actors were at least late 30s and up with the man visibly older-looking. I don’t remember there being many other characters and most scenes were either darker or at night. The man was more stalking rather than tracking her.

There might have been an older man with a white tank top in a diner at around afternoon/dusk time, but take that one with a grain of salt like the monster detail.

It Follows (2014)?

Colossal (2016)?

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