Possibly 1990-2005 TV movie about a would-be soldier who eliminates his girlfriend or wife

Something tells me this is a TV movie.

I don’t remember the following details very well. A man kills his girlfriend or wife. Maybe the man is a soldier or maybe the woman (or both), and one of them is African American or maybe both. Sorry, I don’t remember that part well.

I remember well that it shows how the man killed the woman. The man first covered himself with plastic from garbage bags tied with tape so as not to get covered in evidence. Then he picked up the woman and broke her back as if with a wrestling hold. He killed her with his own hands.

The authorities began to investigate the man and search for the woman’s body in a nearby forest or in a mine, but the man muttered “they will never find her.”

Thank you very much in advance, guys :slight_smile:


After a sleepless night in which I thought of dozens of things, including this movie, today I got serious about it and found the name in 5 minutes :sweat_smile:

“Perfect Crime” (1997 TV Movie)