(Possibly german) Indie movie about a father and mother who come home to find their son dead

I saw a YouTuber mention this movie briefly in one of their videos. I only remember the scene.

(The camera is in one place the whole time.)

The camera is pointing at the living room where the son has committed suicide using a shotgun. A lot of blood is on the wall. The mother and father arrive home and find him lying there. The mother starts screaming and crying. The whole thing is pretty disturbing and the YouTuber included it to showcase how a static camera position can amplify the feelings of a scene (I think).

The movie was from the early 2000s or possibly even earlier.

That’s where my memory ends. I hope somebody knows the title of this film or can at least give me clues.

Reminds me of the suicide scene of Dead Poets Society, but it was a handgun: