Possibly Older Disney Movie or Miniseries with Young Pioneer Horseback Rider ends up in Modern Day

End of film or show, I recall seeing it on tv late 1980’s or early 1990’s.

Think it was one of those older Disney movies or shows (possibly on Wonderful World of Disney, weekend evening.)

Young guy on horseback with Pioneer garb (racoon-tail hat? Musket too maybe?) on a modern street approaches some sort of outdoor yard sale or art sale (had some framed paintings). Looks like he came from a different time period. People who are there at the outdoor event wonder who he is, and an old man in the group also tries to pull him off his horse. The rider protests, the horse gets skittish. I remember a moment where it shows a shot of the horse’s hooves stepping on top of a painting in the mayhem and wrecking it.

I think this scene was close to the ending of the movie (or was end of an episode of a tv show or miniseries).

could it be this “twilight zone” episode?