Princess and the Pea animated


A movie I watched with my classmates in primary school, I believe. I do believe it was hand-drawn animation. The 2002 movie and the 1992 short do not seem to match.
The 2005 version by Jorgen Bing is out of question as it’s using puppets.

I am sure there’s no talking animal. The folks try the pea on different women who call themselves princesses to no avail. Then by a rainy day, a drenched woman seeks shelter and they say why not try on her though she seems to be a peasant girl and of strong character. She gets on the matresses and she watches from the top as they put the pea under the stack. Then in the morning, she admits she had trouble sleeping. This seems to be the general order of events.

Thank you in advance for your help.

The Princess and the Pea Chronicles (2003)?

Dammit, I wanted to finally watch all animated versions of the tale so I could find the one, yet it is when I searched for a completely different version that I stumbled upon the very right one.
It is the 28th episode of the animated series The Fairytaler.

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