Psychological thriller about a collage Psych teacher that takes a group of students on a trip

So he takes his students on a trip to the middle of some woodlands, I want to say it was part of their final and that the area had some sort of significance, and before they leave he writes in his journal about how he plans to use the trip as an experiment on his class. I can’t remember exactly what he had planned but the students find out and turn it against him. For the rest of the movie students begin disappearing one by one, leaving behind signs they’d been attacked and killed until it’s only the teacher and one girl left. Shortly before this the teacher had found a harpoon gun and, as she’s the only one left, he assumes she’s the killer and when she doesn’t respond when he asks, reaching for something in the back pocket, he shoots her. She hits the ground, her cellphone falls from her hand, and he drops the harpoon gun and makes a run for it. When he makes it to the nearest town he stumbles into a bed and breakfast where the rest of his students who had vanished during the trip are sitting at a table, laughing and eating breakfast. When they notice him they ask what took so long, still laughing, and then ask where the female student is as he just stands their in horror. It didn’t have notable actors that I can remember and during the course of the movie only ONE person actually dies.

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After Midnight (1989) - IMDb Could it be this movie? I haven’t seen it but maybe? I’ll keep looking too.

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