Racing car movie

hello everybody

i want to find a movie but i know only the description because i watch it years ago.

the movie is about a guy and his father how complete restoring a black car (i think its a chevrolet corvettte or mustang ) with white lines at the top.

so after finishig the restoring the guy take the car to participate in dragging races. he was dominating until he face a professional car rider. but the father of this professional cut some tube in the black car. so in the middle of the drag race , the black car stops and the professional rider win. so the guy lost his black car.

but he recieve an offer from a women to join a car company to participate in thier races.

the guy feel ashamed of his father because he lost the car.
so he decide to join the car company to participate in sport car racings. when he join in, he was with the professional rider how loose against him and the movie continue

i think the company is chevrolet or opel.

Please i need to find this one

it was in english? what did the guys look like?

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