Random made-for-tv movie?

I must have hallucinated this movie as a child. I don’t know when this movie was made, but it was on tv in the late 90s, so it could have been new or on syndication.

I remember only a few things about it.

A young woman is the main character.

She might be in a coma? Or had either traveled through time? (Coma more likely)

But she’s awake and trying to get home. She has a good relationship with her father, I believe. There’s a scene where she is trying to “wake up” and a young man is suggestion she plays chicken and if she gets hit by a car, she’ll “wake up”

When she does eventually go home, she sees her father’s face first? (I remember this gave toddler me intense angsty happy feelings.)

anyway, I’ve tried for YEARS in vain to refind this movie. No luck. Maybe you people can help?


It’s probably a long shot, but it reminds me of an episode of ‘So Weird’ (S1E12) titled ‘Lost’ that has a girl in a coma, who’s trying to “wake up”. She’s instructed by some young people through the internet to find her way back home, and when she gets home, she wakes up. She sees her mother’s face first, so not her father’s.

But I’m afraid it’s not it because it centers around her mother and not father, and she doesn’t get hit by a car because there aren’t any people in her coma. But you never know…