Rich Villains are forced to stay in a motel and have a meltdown over sleeping in middle class beds for the first time

I’m trying to remember a movie i watched on cable back in the early 2010s for this scene alone because it was so funny.

As described in the title, there is a scene in which 3 extremely wealthy antagonists (1 older scheming girl and 2 idiot guys) are suddenly down on their luck and low on money halfway through the film

They have to stay in a motel over night because thats all they can afford and the following scene is one of the funniest most privileged meltdowns I’ve ever seen. The lady was ranting and raving about how they would have to sleep on regular cotton bedsheets and how it was the end of the world for her. There were more things she freaked out about but the point is she was so rich and spoiled that having to stay in a cheap motel was as bad for her as being homeless would be for us.

I wish i knew more about the film, i know it was a campy comedy. I think it was a film where her goal was to kidnap a dog but I’m honestly not confident. I just really want to find that scene again and be able to show people and clip it for memes.

no chance this is Schitt’s Creek?