Robert De Niro or Dustin Hoffman in a movie with fat woman

I remember only one scene. The characted played by Robert De Niro (or Dustin Hoffman or somebody similar) is virgin man. He saw fat woman (perhaps prostitute), which was friend of other person (perhaps his friend). Then, they have sex (although it wasn’t showed probably) and he is glad, because it was his first time. It was typical road movie and I’m sure that it was during long travel and rather action movie than only comedy. The character is 35-40 years old, I think.

Perhaps it was action movie (or comedy) from 90s or 2000s. Definitely USA. Perhaps it’s Mandela Effect and it isn’t any of these actors, but I’m sure mentioned scene.

New information:
I remember his friend/brother asking him: “Did you like it?” he replies: “Yes, it was great.” She says goodbye to him and moves on with her friend or brother, I think. It might have been at some motel.


“Road Trip” (2000)

No De Niro or Hoffman, but a guy has sex with a very fat woman and loses his virginity.


“The Graduate” (1967)?

Dustin Hoffman is in the movie and I think he is a virgin in the movie and loses his virginity to an older woman, but this movie is much older and it is not an action comedy, and the woman is not fat.


40 year old virgin Steve Carell?

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“The Forger” (2014)?

John Travolta plays a father who takes his young son to a brothel where the son has sex with a prostitute and loses his virginity. They do not show the sex scene.
It is not an action comedy though, nor a road movie.

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