Romantic; American woman on plane to Italy (?) looking for a suitable marriage partner

Romantic movie. Story line somewhat like this.
American woman is on a plane to Italy (?) intended to look for a suitable marriage partner. One of some standing (of course).
Man in the seat next to her is nice to her, but she brushes him off considering him being common.
Arriving in Italy her hotel room is overbooked (?) and she has nowhere to go. The man from the plane helps her out. He also invites her to see the sights of city and country.
During the movie they get closer. At the end she accompanies him to the UK. Where he turns out to be a lord.

how old was the movie? was it like a lifetime or hallmark tv movie?

Good questions. Not sure on both.

It was on European TV quite some years ago, and even then the movie itself must have been older.
I did a search on the databases for 1990 and later but came up empty.

It’s a classy feelgood movie, not as shallow and cheaply made as Hallmark.
Esp. the Italian locations are luxurious.
Part of the plot being that he made her think that he arranged hotel rooms in castles and estates. When in fact he arranged lodgings with noble relatives. But the latter he only explains in the last minutes of the movie.
The fun part of the movie being that it was a ruse from start to finish. She just assumed, and he never enlightened her. Until the very last, leaving her in shock.
But same goes for the viewer.

They arrive by car at his house. A valet comes out the door to collect their luggage and says “Welcome home, my lord!
She turns to her companion and responds “My lord?!
To which he answers “Yes, I’m the Earl of [NAME]
So that means that what she went out to look for - a well to do man of breeding - already sat next to her in the airplane.

Could it be “Only You”?

No, the plot doesn’t match and the actors are too young.
Nor is it ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’. Although that movie is a better fit, both in plot as in actors.
For a moment I thought it was Diane Lane cast in this, but on checking that is not the case.