Romantic Movie around 2010 of a painter blond american in a modern rural town in USA meets a foreign american woman that lost her luggage and begin a romantic couple finally

This movie is set in a rural town in USA around the year 2010 when a blond american man that is in his house and then he goes down stairs to his basement where there are paintings on their easels. Then, this man goes in his truck to the nearest rural city and a foreign woman lost her luggage and this man decides to help her. She enters his truck and they go to the house of this man that is in the outside in a rural place with a big house. The mother of this man live in this house and meet the foreign woman that arrives. Days later the mother taught her to make pays to this foreign woman, and the days pass and finally the man began to have romantic feelings to this foreign woman. She is tall ,white , long brown hair, 30 years old and this man looks like a english or german and he is like 35 years old. He has monetary problems because his work of painting dooesn’t earn much money. He may also has a ranch with animals. They finally be a couple and have a happy romantic ending.

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