Rottweiler movie from childhood, please help

I was maybe between the ages of 8-13 when I saw this movie and I’m 19 now. All i remember is that it’s a action/thriller movie, much like Equalizer, Wrath of Man, Homefront etc. Like there’s very much shooting involved with a “badass” main character. The main character (a man) owns a dog, i THINK it’s a rottweiler, otherwise maybe a german shepherd or something similiar. The dog is very loyal and accompanies the man whenever there’s a fight-scene, like a shootout etc. The only scene I can vividly remember is the ending scene, where the dog takes a bullet for the owner/gets shot, dies and overall it’s a very sad scene. Then when the man arrives home/cut to another scene, we see that the rottweiler had a litter of puppies that the man and his family takes care of. btw the dog is a male. I think the final fight scene where the dog gets shot takes place in some kind of warehouse location, but I’m not sure.
That’s all I can remember, sorry for vague details. I’ve been looking for this movie for over a year now and i’ve never found anything like it, when I search for it all that pops up is movies w/ evil rottweilers in them but this was a nice rottweiler. I think it was a rottweiler at least. Please help.


turner and hooch


Just want to add that as well as Turner & Hooch, this could be blended in your memory with K-9 (1989), which had a very similar plot and a German Shepherd. It was a little more action-oriented than Turner & Hooch, in my memory.

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