Russian film on YouTube about the post-apocalypse in several episodes

I saw half a year ago. The film has several episodes, it was possible to watch it in its entirety in one evening. The film is either Russian or from Russian-speaking countries. The approximate name that I remember: Nuclear tales, but when I tried to find it through a search engine by name, the search did not give anything sensible. The setting and atmosphere of the film is something like Mad Max. The film was definitely on YouTube, on the profile picture of the channel there was a red man with an angry face, like a miner. I remember that I learned about the film from some review or analysis from another author. The episodes were quite short, and their number was about 10. Scenes that I remember exactly: a girl with a plush toy is riding a tank; a man and a robot walk around a warehouse; someone on a tank is attacking the base of looters equipped inside the ship

Is it The Blackout (aka Avanpost) (The Blackout (2019) - IMDb)?