Scary children movie

It is movie from 2000’s i would guess. The beggining scene shows some kid sitting in a class with some creepy teacher and he is filling in some exam. He has to make it in time. (He doesn’t I believe)

Then, a family moves into a new house. On halloween night, the parents leave for some party and they leave children at home (their car gets broken on the way and some guy tries to help them). I can remember some party in the house. Main characters were brother?
and sister, then some “tough” guy,like a football player and some cheerleader (or just some "shiny pinky clothes girl idk)

There were scenes like zombies partying on a cemetary and so on It also had to do something with the villain collecting zodiac signs, or something like that. Tried to give as much details as possible

Some more details that I can remember: I wouldn’t actually say it
was for children, maybe more like older teenagers

The teacher in the beggining had a chalk on his finger

There was also some “sexy teacher” (female) that was also villain. Maybe even more teachers, I can’t remember.

Transitions in the movie were shots of pumpkins, evil laughing in the background, etc.

In the end they were on some rooftop or clock tower, where they realised, that the teacher(s) are evil.

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The House with a Clock in Its Walls (2018)?

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